Thursday, October 2, 2008

Are you the victim of employee theft?

Could your business be the victim of employee theft? According to a recent article published by, you might be. Worst yet, you may not even be aware of the problem until it’s too late. Many employees view their theft as a type of ‘fringe benefit’ afforded by the job. In fact, U.S. businesses report to have lost about $50 billion a year due to employee theft. The article encourages businesses to screen potential employees thoroughly utilizing background checks and drug screens. The key to success is to discover and eradicate the problem as soon as possible. To view the entire article, click here:,0,4457478.story

Although background checks and drugs screens are excellent tools in the hiring process, another tool that has immediate results, at a considerably lower cost, is the behavioral survey. Behavioral surveys like the Tescor Survey, offered by American Tescor, LLC, a division of Merchants Information Solutions, identifies applicant attitudes toward theft, drugs, hostility and lying. In most instances, the Tescor Survey will be able to identify 30% of your applicant pool as non-qualified due to their attitudes and current behavior. The Survey can be administered at the beginning of the hiring process to abate further costs associated with the hiring process, as well as to fill in the gaps that are left by traditional background and drug screening. Used in conjunction with background and drug screens, an employer can develop a virtually bullet-proof hiring process.

Background Checks
The Tescor Survey focuses on current behaviors, unlike background checks that focus on the past. Barring any 3rd party difficulties in receiving information, proficient background screening may deliver results in 48 hours, but the results of the Tescor Survey are instant. Background checks are also limited to behaviors that have been discovered. The Survey, on the other hand, asks the applicant to basically brag about their behaviors and is oftentimes able to uncover behaviors that have not yet show up on the background checks.

Drug Screens
Traditional urinalysis screens are a limited to how long certain types of drugs remain in one’s system, as well as the reality that there are many products available to help an applicant cheat the system. Products designed to defraud drug tests range from urine adulterants, to shampoos intended to pass hair testing, to mouthwash for oral swabs. Other problems regarding procedures and chain of custody plague traditional drug testing. The Tescor Survey is a self-disclosed survey that elicits this type of information from applicants with ease. In fact, it is three times more effective than conventional post-offer urinalyses.

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