Thursday, October 23, 2008

Why a Behavioral Assessment?

These days, hiring decisions can be tricky.

When reviewing resumes, you are looking for the base skills set the position requires and you even apply a "gut feel" to any one candidate based on intangible things such as how the resume appears, reads, and whether or not there are any spelling/ grammar errors.

Then, you bring a set of candidates in for interviewing; you confirm the depth of knowledge/ skills listed on their resume, and get the chance to "size up" the candidate in terms of possible fit to the team.

Finally, you reach a point where the top candidates have been revealed and you are left to decide which of those you want to pursue for employment.

But, have you thought about the potential risks those candidates represent to the company? Are they an habitual drug user? Will they steal? Will they become hostile in the workplace?

Merchants Information Solutions offers the Tescor Survey Behavioral Assessment tool via HRMagnet. It measures an individual's propensity in four categories:
  • Drugs
  • Theft
  • Hostility
  • Faking

Get the information you need to make a more well-informed decision on who the best candidate is for your open position. And, discover the world-class customer service we provide to all our clients!

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Unknown said...

I've applied for job before where the company has reached out to a PEO to administer an online assessment test. It covered all questions ranging from how you handle your stress to what kind of experience you have in the field you are applying for. This sounds like a similar thing, and it's a good way for an employer to make sure who they are hiring are, in their minds, perfect for the job.