Monday, February 2, 2009

I'm OK to drive, I just smoked some pot.

Recently, an employee of the village of Highland Hills in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, was arrested twice in one day on drug charges. At 6 a.m., Donald Brown was taken into custody and charged with drug possession. The man was apprehended by police after they smelled marijuana coming from his apartment. Brown admitted to smoking marijuana and the police confiscated his baggie of marijuana.

Just two hours after being released the same day, the 34 year old was arrested for driving under the influence. The kicker is that he was smoking marijuana while driving his employer’s truck. When the police questioned Brown, he reported that he believed that he was ok to drive since he only smoked a roach and that it was not something bad like crack or heroin.

According the Highland Hills village spokesperson, Brown had worked for the village for 15 years as a laborer and driver. For the full story, click on the following link:

As scary as it sounds, this is not an abnormal occurrence. In fact, we hear stories like this from hiring managers all of the time. It’s just another example of people rationalizing their behavior; and it’s just another reason why employers need to institute a pre-employment screening program, like the Tescor Survey.

The Tescor Survey is a fast and inexpensive way of screening out drug users from your applicant pool. In a random sample of 1.1 million applicants who took the Tescor Survey, 4.5% of the applicants admitted to using pot at work; 1.5% admit to arriving to the job impaired and 3.25% report that they would fail a urinalysis today if they had to take one. In fact, the Tescor Survey will capture approximately 13% of your applicant pool for admitting to some kind of current drug behavior. Not only does this make your job as a hiring manager easier, but it also ensures that your work place is a little safer.

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Anonymous said...

Nothing like a little roach in the morning to make it through the traffic.

Anonymous said...

What does pot do to your driving ability? Marijuana has been shown to impair performance on driving simulator tasks and on open and closed driving courses for up to approximately 3 hours. Decreased car handling performance, increased reaction times, impaired time and distance estimation, inability to maintain headway, lateral travel, subjective sleepiness, motor incoordination, and impaired sustained vigilance have all been reported. Some drivers may actually be able to improve performance for brief periods by overcompensating for self-perceived impairment. The greater the demands placed on the driver, however, the more critical the likely impairment. Marijuana may particularly impair monotonous and prolonged driving. Decision times to evaluate situations and determine appropriate responses increase. Mixing alcohol and marijuana may dramatically produce effects greater than either drug on its own. -- NHTSA

Anonymous said...

Blunts, the pain of telling your wife you just lost your job (cuz you crashed the company truck) lasts a lot longer than the buzz ever did.

Explaining to your kid why you're not going to work tomorrow when he has to go to school will be an interesting discussion (you explaining how he needs to act responsibly).

Not smart. Seriously, not smart.

Anonymous said...


Go Bob! Tell it like it is!

Anonymous said...

GoBob is takin' Blunts out behind the woodshed <ouch>.

Anonymous said...

Hemp is a human right!!

Come to think of it, so is a full head of hair.

Anonymous said...

It's the only way to make it through the day, what with all of slack-jawed mouth-breathers I work with at the plant (and those are just the supervisors). -- Doobie Brother for Life