Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Drug Dealing Day Care Provider

On June 26, 2009, a 19 year old was arrested by Caraoplis Police in Pennsylvania; accused of selling marijuana and Ecstasy to an undercover police officer. That’s not the most disturbing part of the story. Kelsey Lansaw, the young woman arrested, worked as a day care provider at the Forever Young Day Care Center. Not only was she dealing on the job, but she actually left the children alone to complete her transactions. For the full article, please click on the following link:

Most likely, the day care center did their due diligence and ran a background check on Ms. Lansaw. Being only 19, she probably didn’t have a prior record. The challenge that employers face when hiring an applicant is discovering both what an applicant has done as well as what they are doing now or are willing to do in the near future. One solution is the Tescor Survey.

The Tescor Survey is a 73 question behavioral assessment that asks applicants about their behaviors regarding drugs, theft, lying and hostility. All questions are phrased in the present tense and are designed to illicit truthful answers from applicants. Ms. Lansaw blatantly disregarded her employer and the children entrusted in her care. Even if she did not partake in the product she was selling, there is a high likelihood that she would have not qualified on the survey due to other admissions that are associated with entitlement mentality in the workplace.

The Tescor Survey is a very affordable way to find out what behaviors your applicants are presently engaged in. In fact, the Tescor Survey is three times more effective and a fraction of the cost of a background check or a conventional urinalysis test: a small price to pay to protect your employees, your customer and clients, and your assets.

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Gwen Downs said...

Dealing drugs out of a daycare center. Brilliant!

She is certain to have a bright criminal future if she keeps this up.

Chad LoCoco said...

Pretty girl, but not terribly smart. Was she dropped on her head as an infant?

Yvette F said...

Stupid girl!

A Dean said...

Life is gonna suck becoming a felon at 19. It will be tough finishing college (many colleges won't want her). Finding a decent job will be a load of fun with a felony conviction.

Quite a bargain she struck. She was able to trash her life for several years to come and all for the low, low price of $300 (or whatever she expected to pocket from the sale). Not terribly smart.

Chad LoCoco said...

So she can't work at the DayCare center anymore. No problem.

Anyone need a good nanny?