Thursday, October 20, 2011

Have You Sharpened Your Saw Today?

While the recession has technically been over for some time, the listless recovery continues to threaten a double-dip recession. Our political leaders seem far more interested at sniping at each other than getting done the work they are charged to do. All of this has lead some to question what the future will hold for our country.

In the midst of an apparent continuous stream of bad news what is a company or an individual to do? First of all, let's not give up hope. As surely as the sun sets each evening, with equal certainty does it rise each morning. Let us keep in mind that business cycles are just that, cyclical. By that I mean that while good times must certainly end (and they have), so too must the bad.

So let us be confident that better times lay ahead and we would be wise to use this time to prepare ourselves and our companies for those good times. I was reading an article earlier this morning from Harvey Mackay entitled "Prosperity is possible in tough times" which is a worthy read. In the article Harvey observes that during economic downturns many, perhaps even most, choose to content themselves with maintaining the status quo. This is a mistake.  This is valuable "down-time" that should be used to full extent.

Recognizing that better times lay ahead, we have been very busy here at Merchants building better security, adding new applications that our customers need and use as well as adding new capabilities to our existing products. The market will eventually turn northward and there will be an opportunity for real and sustained growth. We are determined to be well positioned for that change and will be among the first to experience the benefits of being prepared for the inevitable growth that will occur.  This is the proverbial "Saw Sharpening" that needs to take place to be prepared for the growth.

Harvey closes his articles with his "Mackay's Moral". So I'll conclude with one of my own, which is "Better times lie ahead; get ready, or get left behind".

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