Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I Feel Your Pain

As an HR Executive, reviewing candidates for hire, you are faced with the DAUNTING task of navigating the complex landscape of EEOC, FCRA and CFPB requirements, all affecting what you can and can’t do or say... my head hurts just thinking about it. In the end you discover that with all your efforts UNQUALIFIED people still slip through and become employees. WHY DID THIS HAPPEN? HOW DID IT HAPPEN? WHERE DID WE GO WRONG? WHAT DID WE MISS?... and the most important question is HOW DO WE MAKE SURE THIS DOESN’T HAPPEN AGAIN?

To start, nothing is 100%! There are however, new ways in which to detect HIGH-RISK candidates whose Background and Drug test come back clear. To begin with, people who do bad things DON’T always get caught. We also know that over time, people change their behavior due to circumstances and issues that surface unexpectedly... death in the family, finances, elder care and divorce all cause people to change their patterns of behavior. There is NO search available today that will detect these changes and/or identify those people who just haven’t been caught.

What is available that WILL DO BOTH, and carries a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE is the Merchants Integrity Test (MIT). STOP what you are doing today, and ask me how MIT can help you! Go to: for more information.

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